Cannabis distillate

99.9% Solvent-free chemical free THC we start with the very best cleanest  distillate.


Strain-specific Cannabis Dervied Terpenes that are Cold Vacuum Distilled to ensure top quality.

The Best In VAPE

We are so sure that you will taste and feel the difference in our products that’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all PUL products.

Organic Cannabis Terpenes With Great Taste.

You won’t find a higher quality product anywhere in the industry. We have spent years perfecting our formulations. We employ the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) Method. We never use any fillers only Cannabis Distillate and Cannabis Terpenes we never sacrifice our standards to have unlimited strain profiles. Some Vape companies use Terpenes derived from non-cannabis plants which can be harsh on the lungs and throat.

We Deliver

Only the Highest quality Cannabis products and accessories.

Eco Friendly

We use rechargeable batteries so we have less waist making its way to land fills.

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Always Fresh

All of our Products are done in small batches to ensure quality.

Our process

We start with sourcing clean unsprayed Cannabis we then extract all the oil with food grade Ethanol. We then remove the undesirables by vacuum distilling the cannabis ten times. Once we are sure to remove all the undesirables we reintroduce strain specific Terpenes.

PURE & Healthy strains


SUper Sour Diesel 500mg

99.9% THC mixed with Cannabis Terpenes

Super Sour Pebbles 500mg

99.9% THC mixed with Cannabis Terpenes

wifi 500mg

99.9% THC mixed with Cannabis Terpenes
  • 8.66% Linalool 8.66%
  • 37% Beta Caryophyllene 37%
  • 18% Limonene 18%
  • 3.62% Limonene 3.62%
  • 18% Limonene 18%
  • 15% Nerolidol 15%

true og 500mg

99.9% THC mixed with Cannabis Terpenes

fire og 500mg

99.9% THC mixed with Cannabis Terpenes

Platinum Purple Kush 500mg

99.9% THC mixed with Cannabis Terpenes
  • 2.08% Linalool 2.08%
  • 32.82% Linalool 30%
  • 2.39% Linalool 2.39%
  • 1.82% Caryophyllene 1.82%
  • 15.42% Humulene 15.42%
  • 1.62% Myrcene 1.62%

More on Distillate

Cannabis distillate is making waves as a new kind of cannabis concentrate. Nicknamed “The Pure,” it is an odourless, tasteless extract obtained using high heat extraction. It results in 100% pure cannabinoid.


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